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story (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Owner Priority Subtickets Remaining
#9342 Make OME ImageJ plugins available via an OME update site Client crueden-x critical 0
#11936 Improve search indexing robustness, performance, and reliability General jballanco-x major 11 5tix @ 0d

task (90 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Owner Priority Subtickets Remaining
#10116 Bug: Insight CPU @ 300% (4.4+) Insight jburel blocker ?
#11182 Bug: duplicate REINDEX logs created ORM blocker ?
#11348 Bug: DeleteServiceTest.testDeletePixelsAndFiles() fails on dev_4_4 Services jamoore blocker ?
#11479 Bug: remove others' Tags when group -> private Security jamoore blocker ?
#11849 Bug: server hangs on image error Services blocker ?
#11996 BUG: FLIMfit does not load data General blocker ?
#12056 Bug: Description lost on import if XML Import mlinkert blocker ?
#12145 BUG: unnecessary thumbnail regeneration? Performance cblackburn blocker ?
#12160 Bug: remove user_userid FS restriction OmeroFs jamoore blocker ?
#12166 Bug: omero_client.jar is missing dependencies Deployment blocker ?
#12202 BUG: Error after selection of Dataset in Web Web web-team@… blocker ?
#12203 Bug: IIS deployment scenario for release Deployment kgillen blocker ?
#12211 BUG: Bulk annotations script - Insight Insight jburel blocker ?
#11382 Bug: Incorrect plane ordering in some Flex plates Bio-Formats mlinkert critical ?
#11660 RFE: Don't require ldap/ad users to log in before being allocatable to groups Deployment bpindelski critical ?
#11857 BUG: Cannot break import of plate Import jburel critical ?
#11951 Bug: BinaryOnly import fails Bio-Formats mlinkert critical ?
#12007 BUG: Pyramids not being built Services critical ?
#12021 Bug: logback timeout for import logs too long (30 min) Services cblackburn critical ?
#12086 Bug: Insight abnormal termination after selecting a large number of files Insight jburel critical ?
#12087 BUG: Very poor performance while working with 1024x1024 DVs Insight jburel critical ?
#12120 BUG: QA7984 - Abnormal termination on ONEE Insight critical ?
#12126 BUG: Disk space hanging on Nightshade WebAdmin web-team@… critical ?
#12146 Bug: export/download don't search all groups Services critical ?
#12151 Search by Image ID Insight jburel critical ?
#12152 Bug: Import log files truncated as viewed by Insight. Insight jburel critical ?
#12176 RFE: 4.4-5.0 migration of archived original data Deployment critical ?
#12200 Bug: IMS thumbnail fails on z-out-of-bounds OmeroFs jamoore critical ?
#12209 BUG: no scroll bar on groups or users Insight jburel critical ?
#12210 BUG: Bulk annotations script - permissions Scripting critical ?
#12217 RFE: in-place import speed Import critical ?
#12222 Bug: ND2 line scan Z stack Bio-Formats mlinkert critical ?
#9331 Bug: bin/omero sessions list fails on "too many files" OmeroPy jamoore major 0d
#9398 Zeiss CZI: support camera-dependent compression Bio-Formats mlinkert major ?
#10667 Bug: Tag display & editing Client major ?
#11196 Logging docs to be added Documentation cblackburn major ?
#11204 Bug: .czi file returns planes of zeros Bio-Formats mlinkert major ?
#11668 Multiple selections not allowed in OMERO.web tags view tree Web wmoore major ?
#11783 Import and thumbnails generation Services major ?
#11918 Loading Tiles NPE Insight jburel major ?
#12003 Bug: CZI Reader fails with invalid T index Bio-Formats mlinkert major ?
#12013 BUG:Path to file from QA jburel major ?
#12017 Bug: import logs for some imports not viewable Services cblackburn major ?
#12038 Improve per-user configuration by allowing defaults. OmeroFs cblackburn major ?
#12041 RFE: more intelligence in assigning FileAnnotation media type Attachments major ?
#12054 Bug: in Insight administrator cannot reset user password Insight jburel major ?
#12084 Bug: UnknownException on bad image Web wmoore major ?
#12112 BUG: Rendering settings not saved if "Apply" clicked first Web web-team@… major ?
#12143 Bug: users can make other users' data seem to vanish Insight jburel major ?
#12148 Bug: hang during import with multiple tabs in importer dialog Import jburel major ?
#12154 Bug: units are not correctly parsed from Gatan .dm3 files Bio-Formats mlinkert major ?
#12158 BUG: Bio-formats remote importer Bio-Formats mlinkert major ?
#12159 BUG:Reconnect Insight jburel major ?
#12162 BUG: Cancel during import Insight jburel major ?
#12163 BUG: group off display during import Insight jburel major ?
#12164 BUG: tagging on import stage Insight jburel major ?
#12165 BUG: Cancel disables Cancel All Insight jburel major ?
#12171 RFE: Move images Client major ?
#12172 Launch Scripts option Client rkferguson major ?
#12173 Bug: Smart way of submitting bugs from Insight Insight jburel major ?
#12177 BUG: IJ-plugin and Fiji Bio-Formats mlinkert major ?
#12178 Test ice33/python>2.4 for 5.0.2 Deployment jamoore major ?
#12190 Bug: forgottenpassword URL is broken WebAdmin web-team@… major ?
#12192 Bug: Downloading archived file on Insight is not available Insight jburel major ?
#12198 Bug: move data between groups Web web-team@… major ?
#12199 Bug: Script List param defaults Web wmoore major ?
#12208 Bug: Remove extension from script name Web wmoore major ?
#12214 Bug: LIF import results in incorrect channel colours Import mlinkert major ?
#12218 Bug: import mov Bio-Formats mlinkert major ?
#12219 Bug: OOM Java heap space when uploading large ome-tiffs Import major ?
#9302 Doc. how to sign webstart jars Documentation spli minor ?
#11166 Zeiss CZI metadata polishing Bio-Formats mlinkert minor ?
#11233 Bug: CZI BGR24/BGR48 RGB image pixel data not handled correctly Bio-Formats mlinkert minor ?
#11367 Bug: ROI coordinates incorrect for .czi data Bio-Formats mlinkert minor ?
#11784 Bug: CZI openBytes fetches incorrect pixel data Bio-Formats mlinkert minor ?
#11869 Bug: Document need to build from git checkout Bio-Formats rleigh minor ?
#12028 Bug: can't open attachments in Insight under Linux Insight jburel minor ?
#12042 Menu display windows Insight jburel minor ?
#12082 Bug: Vertical scrollbar of Projects tree not working properly Web wmoore minor ?
#12114 Exclude log4j/package jars from target-test-runner classpath Bio-Formats mlinkert minor ?
#12124 BUG: ROIs inside a CZI file are not read correctly from BioFormats 5.0 Bio-Formats mlinkert minor ?
#12149 Bug: Slider on Left-hand pane in web client does not work from Safari on OSX 10.9.2 Web wmoore minor ?
#12180 RFE: more robustness in using non-standard Java classes General minor ?
#12182 Bug: Gatan X/Y step values are read incorrectly Bio-Formats mlinkert minor ?
#12187 BUG: no Linux in Linux clients General minor ?
#12189 BUG : Used file list incorrect for multi-file CZI datasets Bio-Formats mlinkert minor ?
#12204 Bug: Webstart jar requests 404 on development web server Web wmoore minor ?
#12220 BUG: Display users Insight jburel minor ?
#12221 BUG: Tag Run and plate image Insight jburel minor ?
#12224 BUG: put group off display & import Import minor ?
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